Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Typically British Reading Challenge 2010

To keep up my interest in the list, I thought it would be fun to partake in a challenge. I've picked the 'Typically British Reading Challenge 2010' that is hosted by Book Chick City: Typically British Reading Challenge 2010

I'm going to go for the 'Cream Crackered' level which is 8 books that are written by British writers. I haven't decided what books I'm going to pick yet but I will try and make the next 8 books that I read from the list British ones. I won't start until after I've finished Tess, and will start with the next book I read.

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Stella (Ex Libris) said...

Hi Carys, found you through the Typically Bristih Reading Challenge, and saw a "kindred spirit" (lol) as I started blogging (not only) to be able to participate in all the great reading challenges! :-) Have fun and enjoy blogging!


ps: I like your layout very much, calming yet colourful :-)